6. - 14. April 2019

Programm (6. - 14. April 2019)

Messe (12. - 14. April 2019)

Reisen, Kunst, Genuss & Lesenswertes

Ibis SRL

Your ground agent for Wildlife Holidays and Tours in Romania’s Danube Delta, Dobrogea and Carpathian Mountains.

We specialize in wildlife tours, helping you to see lots of interesting wild “things”, in a non-pressured, fun, atmosphere. Our expert leaders are both passionate about wildlife and comfortable with people. Let us show you how fascinating and spectacular Romanian wildlife can be!

You do not need to be an experienced traveler to enjoy our trips.

Traveling with Ibis Tours is a rewarding experience for all, from the dedicated ‘twitcher’ and wildlife enthusiast to those less familiar with wild things. The only requirement is a keen interest in nature! Not only will a tour with Ibis be a great holiday, but it can also be a rewarding learning experience.

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